Nursing (Undergraduate) - How do I record hours in my ePAD Workbook?

NOTE: This FAQ is intended only for Undergraduate Nursing Students who use the ePAD Workbook in PebblePad.

You are expected to record your placement attendance using timesheet Assets within your ePAD Workbook. This page will explain how to use your Attendance Record to successfully log attendance.

IMPORTANT: Your Practice Assessor will only be able to access your timesheets from the 'Attendance Record' page once you share your Workbook with them - see How do I share my PebblePad Asset with an External Assessor? You do NOT need to share attendance forms individually.

Accessing your Attendance Record

  1. Log into PebblePad and navigate to your Asset Store.
  2. Open your ePAD Workbook.
  3. Along the top of the screen you will see the pages in your workbook. Click on 'Attendance Record':

 attendance record page menu button


  1. At the bottom of the page, ensure that the toggle switch is turned ON, to indicate that your search results have been applied.



This switch will activate a search criteria, meaning that any Asset in your Asset Store that has been Tagged with the term ‘Practice hours’ will automatically be attached to the page. The attendance record templates/timesheets that you use are automatically pre-tagged with ‘Practice hours’ so turning this switch ON means that you don't have to remember to add your attendance records to this page - they will be 'pulled in' automatically when you save them to your Asset Store.

Collecting a new Attendance Form

  1. Each week, collect a new attendance form using the 'Click here to open a new attendance template' link located at the top of the page:

 Screenshot showing guidance text found at the top of an attendance record


  1. When the attendance form opens, enter a title in the required format - 'Attendance w/c DD/MM/YYYY':

 the save as field found at the top of a timesheet


Click Save in the top left. This will save your attendance form as a new Asset in your Asset Store and add it to your Attendance Record automatically.

Adding hours to your Attendance Form

  1. Each day, open your ePAD and access your attendance record page. You will see that any attendance forms you have created already will be listed. If they are not, please ensure you have turned the toggle switch at the bottom ON to indicate that your search results have been applied.


  1. Click on the attendance form for the current week to open it. You will now see a table where you can record your hours, which will create a running total at the bottom of the grid for the week's hours:

 table showing where to enter hours on a timesheet


  1. You may have used PebblePocket to complete an 'Evidence of hours' form if the person who signed off your hours does not have access to PebblePad. Once you have uploaded this from PebblePocket to your Asset Store you will need to attach it using the evidence section labelled 'Add any forms from your PebblePocket App here':

the evidence section found on a timesheet to attach PebblePocket forms to


  1. At the end of the week, ask your Practice Assessor to verify your hours by adding the total in the section labelled ‘Total number of hours for the week’.


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